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Dry Skin Makeup Tips & Tricks : Complete Product Guide

Updated: May 24, 2021

Dry skinned-beauties always struggle when it comes to doing a flawless makeup for themselves. Due to excessive dryness, they end up with a cakey looking base and then skin breakouts soon after makeup application. Our professional Makeup Artist in Pune, Khushboo Giri, suggests here that prepping up your skin before makeup is extremely important! As a result, prepping up skin, gives flawless & dewy-looking makeup that stays on for long.

Start with CTM (Cleanse, Tone & Moisturize). After this, use a face oil, YES! you,ve read that correct my ladies. Doing this, will change your makeup game forever! There are various amazing face essential oils available in market (indulgeo essentials rose gold oil, royalry essentials rose gold oil, etc). Let that oil get completely absorbed in your thirsty-skin. That's why, it's advisable to keep a window of min. 15minutes in between applying makeup and face oil. After face oil gets soaked up completely, apply a generous layer of hydrating or antioxidant-packed primer.

These type of primers are specifically formulated to nourish normal to dry skin and give you an effortlessly dewy finish with long-lasting staying power. There are some awesome primers available in market for anyone that has dry skin or just wants their face to look more awake( Khushboo's personal favorite is Smashbox's photo finish primer. Using primer before makeup application has multiple benefits: it helps in skin-smoothening, so that the foundations literally glides on the top of it. Primer acts as layer in between your skin and cosmetics, thereby making your skin stay completely safe. Not to mention, primer helps in minimizing the pore, so that your makeup looks like a glass!


Selecting foundation for dry skin is one of the trickiest task altogether! For this very reason, it's necessary to take an account of some very effective moisturizing foundation with smooth formula that gives a medium to high coverage yet natural-looking base. Water based HD foundations could be considered the best option for dry skinned beauties. These not only buildable but also keeps the skin hydrated at the same time, leaving no space for that dryness to come in the way! Some of the best hydrating foundations available are - Maybelline's Super stay full coverage foundation, LA Girl's Pro HD foundation, Estee Lauder's Double wear stay in place foundation etc.

After base application, set that base with mineral based setting powder. Using a liquid blusher and highlighter can add a dewy effect to your makeup and later adding setting spray may do wonders to your makeup game, by making it stay for hours. So, once that base is ready, it is advisable to use a hydrating setting spray on a dry skin. One of the best is Smashbox's Hydrating Setting Spray.

Coming to eye-makeup, use cream based eye shadows . As the name suggests, these come in a creamy-based texture that is easily blendable into the skin.

Tip: Even the best makeup artists worldwide use this tip, they may use their favorite lip colors to form a creamy base over eyelids. And then top it over with powdered eye-shadow to give that color-pop

Now coming to the next section, which is dealing with dry lips and selection of best lip products for makeup. If your lips are cracked and chapped, avoid matte formulas, since this will make your lips appear even drier. Switch to a tinted lip balm instead or to lip products having goodness of Shea butter essentials, which is famous for its deep moisturizing properties!

And last but certainly not the least, NEVER wipe your face, instead pat it dry. Wiping takes away natural moisture of your skin which may cause it to appear drier and also causes inflammation and irritation. It is important to note, that prepping the skin before makeup is important, however taking care of it post-makeup removal is equally important. So, at the end of the day, and before hitting to bed, you MUST remove all that makeup and feed your skin with serums and oils to get that pretty glow (Check my blog

Hope these tricks and product knowledge were helpful! We would love to hear from you in the comment if you have any suggestions for Dry skin care and it's Makeup!

Stay Fit. Stay Glamorous!

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