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Importance of booking skilled Bridal Makeup Artist

Why do you think it's important to hire a skilled Bridal Makeup artist for your big day? As a bride every girl dreams of a look which she never got before in her life. She wants to feel that extra special and beautiful for her big day.

As we all know, indian Weddings are definitely fun but lil over whelming sometimes. It's an event of mixed-emotions, rush and chaos with loads of fun and perfect time to wear the most stunning dresses from your wardrobe.

Amid all this, a bride, needs that space to relax and breathe in some air and get prepped up for walking down the aisle. Now comes into picture, US, the bridal makeup artists!

We as bridal MUAs, are not just booked for giving our brides, a 2-hour of our service and go back to our homes. Our task starts right at the time we get booked. We make sure that our brides are eating right, sleeping on time, taking care of their skin, drinking enough water to stay hydrated, selection of their wedding attires, wedding jewellery, consoling them during the nervous breakdown right before walking down to that aisle etc etc this list is endless!

Above all, THE MAKEUP!

As a professional makeup artist, it's really very important to understand your brides requirements in detail.

Some of the red-flags that you need to watch out for at the time of hiring your bridal makeup artist: is your makeup artist giving enough time to understand your requirements and willing to communicate well? Is your MUA always on tight-schedule when it comes to talk regarding your queries? Is your MUA analysing your hair and skin or rather hopping onto makeup directly? Is your MUA open for trial session?

If the answer to above questions is "No", then you definitely need to think twice before booking.

Your wedding is special and so are you, my dear brides! This day is certainly not going to come back again, so make the most out of it. Go with your gut-feeling. If your wavelength matches with your MUA, and if you think that she is ready to HEAR YOU and your requirements, communicating well , give you all of the pieces of advices you need to hear as a bride-to-be, consider it as a sign of blessing, haha!

Keeping jokes apart, a Bridal makeup artist is a skilled person, who knows it all when it comes to doing their job of handling a Bride with care.

Feel that extra special on your wedding this season. Book with one of best Bridal makeup artist in Pune, Khushboo Giri and get that dream look for your special day!

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