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Looking for Best Makeup Artist in Pune?

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Welcome to the world of Glamour. My name is Khushboo Giri, I am an Engineer turned Makeup artist in Pune, India.

My parents were quite strict about getting a proper education. However, I have always had a great passion for makeup . After completing my engineering , I worked full-time as a Software Engineer in multiple MNC's and travelled across European countries. The fashion sense of Nordic countries attracted me the most. I came to know about various cosmetic brands. On returning back to India, I started practicing makeup on myself and on my friends. They used to ask me to do their makeovers for special occasions. With time, I started receiving lots of requests on Instagram, about beauty products and techniques that I use for creating different looks. This way I started getting recognition on social media. Amidst all of this, I got my very first lead and did makeover of my friend as a bridal Makeup artist in Pune. My work was highly appreciated. Soon I started actively participating and collaborating in editorial shoots. I also collaborated with models/brands/photographers for their portfolio shoots. All of this appreciation and recognition added fuel in igniting my dream of becoming a Professional Makeup Artist!

Since I believe in the power of education and keeping myself updated as per the market standards , without delaying a day, I joined my Diploma course in Professional Makeup and Hair-styling. After getting Certified, I have now started working full-time as a Freelance Makeup Artist in Pune. The decision of leaving a stable job was tough for me. But my passion of becoming a Makeup Artist was beyond it. I am always very honest in my reviews and I take great pride in this. I always would want that my followers get the best, when it comes to learning. As a makeup artist, my agenda is to make every woman out there feel confident in her appearance, because makeup always helps to enhance the beauty that already exists!

I am glad to share my journey of turning into a Makeup Artist and there is lot more coming your way. Stay tuned with UrbanGlamour By Khushboo Giri

I am readily available to solve all your beauty related queries on:


Khushboo Giri

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