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Holi Skincare Tips

Updated: May 5, 2021

As the most vibrant and colorful festival is round the corner , we all remain super excited to play 'gulaal' and water colors. People of all age groups simply love to enjoy this festival with great zeal and zest!

Unfortunately, these days synthetic pigments are sold in market . Many people come up to share with me various problems like dry and scratchy head scalp, hair fall, tanned and flaky face skin, colored and uneven textured nails, etc Post-holi celebration skin issues. Keeping all these issues in mind, I have come up with the idea of sharing some easy hacks that will help you in keeping all the skin, hair and nail related issues at bay and will let you enjoy this Holi like never before . Below are a few of these hacks , to light up your festive mood :

  1. Use ice cubes to minimize the size of pores on skin, so as to avoid color penetration in it. This "How to minimize skin pore" formula will not only save your skin during Holi celebration but will also help you throughout summer to treat your skin issues

  2. Apply face oil and hairoil to create that barrier between your skin and the harmful colors.

  3. Since Holi is a day light festival, apply a good sunscreen lotion before stepping out in sun. This way you can help on how to protect your skin during summers.

  4. Secure you lips from cracking up due to extra dryness caused by colors by applying petroleum jelly. This will help in how to make softer lips.

  5. Paint your nails, thick nail paint will help you in avoiding the cuticles damage caused due to harmful color

Hope this simple yet effective skincare routine would help you in making your holi celebration more colorful and also help you beat the heat this summer!

Stay Fit. Stay Glamorous.

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